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Whether it is industry-changing technologies and revolutionary new products; or the services, concepts and people that operate behind the scenes to ensure continued success, for over 50 years, WAGO has built a foundation on innovation. Its input to the development of wiring, connecting and clamping technologies has been vital in the evolution of automation and terminal block systems. The certifications that WAGO has earned over the years prove that it consistently manufactures top-quality products and services while staying dedicated to its environmental responsibilities.
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221-412 x100pcs $0.22/each in stock =$22.00 <br />221-413 x100pcs. $0.28/each in stock =$28.00 <br />221-415 x50pcs. $0.45/each in stock =$22.50 <br />224-114 x50pcs. $0.29/each 7-10 days to ship $14.50 <br />224-201 x30pcs. $0.53/each in stock =$15.90 <br /> TOTAL = $102.90 <br />


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