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3M - Insulation Products, Solderless Terminals and Connectors

3M Insulation Products, 3M Solderless Terminals and 3M Connectors

On-Line Electronics has a large stock of 3M stock in our Prescott Valley warehouse. "We will ship today. Overnight shipping"

We offer a complete line of products from 3M Tapes to 3M Connectors. The On-line Electronics line of products is the most extensive offered in the industry with very competitive prices.

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3M Products Offered by On-Line Electronics:

3M Insulation Products

Thinsulate ™ Insulation Type C offers about one and a half times the warmth of down and nearly twice the warmth of high-loft fiberfill insulations when equal thicknesses are compared.

3M Solderless Terminals

We have a full line of 3M Ring, Spade, Male Disconnect, Female Disconnect Solderless Terminals IN STOCK! Pure Copper for maximum conductivity. Tin plated for corrosion resistance. Grooved barrels for maximum wire holding strength. Chamfered barrel openings for easy wire insertion. Funnel shaped insulators for ease and speed of use. Stamped with wire gage or color coded for easy identification.

3M Connectors, PC Board Connectors

PC Board connectors are available from flat ribbon cable or discrete wire to PC board designs, regardless of the positions, these connectors provide the flexibility to fit any PC Board application. Header and Plug Connectors are soldered to the board, creating a fixed connection that can be assembled to flat cable either before or after soldering.