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Brady BMP®51 Portable Label Printer

The BMP™51 and BMP™53 Label Printers by Brady!    
Brady BMP51 and BMP53  Label Printers
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Add part number 75447314707 to your Quote. 75447314707 BMP®51 Printer with AC Adaptor
Add part number 75447314708 to your Quote. 75447314708 BMP®53 Peripheral Printer with AC Adaptor
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Brady BMP®51 Portable Lable Printer - Features
The BMP51 Label Maker has all the latest features for portable printing on the go: a large display screen, easy-to-use label design apps, fast print speed, and more. You can carry this printer throughout your facility to quickly and easily make labels on the go.

It has a 300 dpi print head and prints at a speed of 1 inch per second. It can print on a variety of continuous and die-cut materials up to 1.5" wide. With a built-in cutter, easy top-loading cartridges, and 3 different options for battery power, the BMP®51 Label Maker is a powerful printer for on-the-job label making.

Plus, the BMP®51 Label Maker is a versatile portable printer with extensive connectivity and networking options. It offers built-in Bluetooth® technology or an optional wifi card, which means you can print wirelessly to this printer from your computer or Android phone.

The BMP®51 features the free Brady360® 1-year warranty that covers repair parts & labor, return shipping on any printer repair, lifetime technical support via phone and email, and much more.
Brady BMP51 Label Printer
Features of the Brady BMP®51 Portable Label Printer
Get the job done FASTER and EASIER.
  • Fast print speed. Prints 1 inch per second!
  • 300 dpi print head
  • Material recognition and automatic label formatting (no calibration!)
  • Built-in label apps for fast, easy label design
  • Built-in Bluetooth® technology or optional Wi-Fi card for wireless printing via a network
  • Large, graphical display with backlight (on-screen indicators for remaining material, battery and more!)
  • Durable built-in cutter with label retention
  • 3 power options: AA batteries, AC adaptor or rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Robust software for advanced label design
  • USB PC connectivity with LabelMark™ and CodeSoft™ Software compatibility
  • The BMP®51 Label Maker has hundreds of different labeling options to choose from – get all of your labeling done with one printer.
    • Continuous and die-cut label materialsavailable
    • More than 20 material types and over 190 labelparts
    • Prints labels up to 1.5” wide (orcontinuous labels up to 40” long!)
Wireless Printing Capabilities Design & print labels from your phone with Brady Mobile Apps. With a Brady Mobile App, you can use your Android device to:
  • Brady Network Card with Bluetooth® technology comes standard with printer
  • Optional Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet cards allow you to connect to a network
  • Design a label from scratch
  • Leverage the label types built into the app
  • Edit an existing label
  • Create and edit label templates
  • Print to the BMP®53 Label Printer using Bluetooth technology
  • Import Data from Microsoft Excel: Want to use data from Microsoft Excel to create labels? Simply save an Excel spreadsheet as a CSV file on your Android phone, and then add the data in the Brady Mobile app to your desired labels. You can then print the labels wirelessly from your mobile device whenever you need them.
  • Save label files to your mobile device: Any files or label templates you create in the app can be saved to your mobile device for quick and easy label making in the future.
  • Built-in symbols, pictograms and barcodes: Brady Mobile app features the ability to barcode and has hundreds of symbols and pictograms that you can insert onto your label files.
  • Automatic updates (No software upgrade costs!): The Brady Mobile app is automatically updated when new label types, printers, and materials become available.
Get the job done WITH CONFIDENCE.
  • Printer and materials are built to last
  • Tough, durable label materials that won’t fade, smear or fall off
  • Rugged printer can survive a 4-ft drop onto concrete
Hassle-Free Cartridges
  • Ribbon and label materials in ONE cartridge!
    • Install or remove ribbon and material inone easy step
    • No need to worry about having the rightribbon for your materials
    • Ribbon and material runs out at the sametime (less waste!)
  • Easy-to-load cartridges with “No Jam” technology.
    • Top-loading cartridge that snaps intoplace (you can’t load it wrong!)
    • Easy access to cartridge for quickchanges
    • Locking mechanism prevents labels fromretracting into cartridge
BMP51 Label Cartridge
BMP®51 Printer Specifications
Applications Data Communications & Audio/Visual Labeling; Facility, Safety, and Maintenance Identificvation; Electrical ID; Product ID; Laboratory ID
Print Technology Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution 300 dpi
Print Speed 1" / sec (25.4 mm / sec)
Color Capability Single Color Printing
Max. Labels Per Day 250 Labels / Day
Keyboard QWERTY on BMP®51
Portability Yes
Weight with Battery 3.18 lbs for BMP®51 and 2.7 lbs for BMP®53
Power Supply 8 AA's, Lithium Ion Battery, or AC Power
PC Connectivity Optional
Stand Alone Printing Yes with BMP®51
Connectivity Options USB, Bluetooth®, and optional Ethernet, WIFI
Continuous vs. Die Cut Labels Continuous and Die Cut Labels
Materials Supported 190+ Stock Parts
Tape Widths Continuous Widths from 0.50"-1.50", Variety of Die Cuts
Max. Label Width 1.50"
Max. Print Width 1.44"
Label Roll Length Up to 25 feet
Text Sizes 4 to 196 point in 1 point increase
Multi-Line Print Yes
Print Rotation Yes
Serialization Yes
Barcode Yes
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty Included
Printing Example for BMP51 Printer Printing Example for BMP51 Printer Printing Example for BMP51 Printer