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Brady Handimark Portable Printer

Brady Handimark Portable Label Printer  
Brady HandiMark® Portable Label Maker
  The HandiMark Printer has been discontinued and replaced by the BMP71 Printer.
The labels and ribbons for the HandiMark printer are still available.
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Handimark Tapes
Indoor/Outdoor Tape B-595 Material
Reflective Tape
Repositionable Tape
Economy Tape
Tamper Resistant Tape
Handimark Ribbons
Industrial Grade Ribbons
B-595 Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Tape
B-580 Indoor/Outdoor Grade Vinyl Tape
Industrial Strength Indoor/Outdoor Grade Tape
  • Brady B-595 indoor/outdoor marking film is a high gloss, durable, flexible, pressure sensitive adhesive product
  • Brady-595 is used for Pipemarkers, Arrow Tape, Warehouse Marking, Warning Panels, Safety Signs, Arc Flash and Visual Workplace labels. Brady B-595 is RoHS compliant to 2005/618/EC MCV amendment to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.
  • 8-10 years (Average expected outdoor life of product will depend on user definition of failure, climatic conditions, mounting techniques and material color.) Ribbon and material UV resistance does not represent ribbon wear. A polyester overlaminate is recommended for harsh environments - long term exposure to wind and rain
Tape Color Tape Width inches (mm) Roll
1/2" (13mm) wide 1" (25mm) wide 2" (51mm) wide
White Add part number 142269 to your Quote. 142269 Add part number 142270 to your Quote. 142270 Add part number 142271 to your Quote. 142271 50 (15.2m)
Clear Tape Add part number 142302 to your Quote. 142302 Add part number 142303 to your Quote. 142303 Add part number 142304 to your Quote. 142304 50 (15.2m)
Yellow Add part number 142272 to your Quote. 142272 Add part number 142273 to your Quote. 142273 Add part number 142274 to your Quote. 142274 50 (15.2m)
Green Add part number 142275 to your Quote. 142275 Add part number 142276 to your Quote. 142276 Add part number 142277 to your Quote. 142277 50 (15.2m)
Red Add part number 142278 to your Quote. 142278 Add part number 142279 to your Quote. 142279 Add part number 142280 to your Quote. 142280 50 (15.2m)
Blue Add part number 142281 to your Quote. 142281 Add part number 142282 to your Quote. 142282 Add part number 142283 to your Quote. 142283 50 (15.2m)
Lt. Blue   Add part number 142306 to your Quote. 142306 Add part number 142305 to your Quote. 142305 50 (15.2m)
Orange Add part number 142284 to your Quote. 142284 Add part number 142285 to your Quote. 142285 Add part number 142286 to your Quote. 142286 50 (15.2m)
Black Add part number 142287 to your Quote. 142287 Add part number 142288 to your Quote. 142288 Add part number 142289 to your Quote. 142289 50 (15.2m)
Tan   Add part number 142308 to your Quote. 142308 Add part number 142307 to your Quote. 142307 50 (15.2m)
Grey Add part number 142290 to your Quote. 142290 Add part number 142291 to your Quote. 142291 Add part number 142292 to your Quote. 142292 50 (15.2m)
Brown Add part number 142293 to your Quote. 142293 Add part number 142294 to your Quote. 142294 Add part number 142295 to your Quote. 142295 50 (15.2m)
Gold Add part number 142296 to your Quote. 142296 Add part number 142297 to your Quote. 142297 Add part number 142298 to your Quote. 142298 50 (15.2m)
Purple Add part number 142299 to your Quote. 142299 Add part number 142300 to your Quote. 142300 Add part number 142301 to your Quote. 142301 50 (15.2m)

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