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Brady BBP®85 Sign and Label Printer - Printer Features

Brady BBP85 Sign and Label Printer The BBP™85 Sign and Label Printer by Brady!     Brady 360 5-Year Warranty
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BBP®85 Printer Features
The BBP®85 Sign and Label Printer allows you to create custom, multicolor signs and labels up to 10" wide. It can print 4 colors on a single label and has an easier-than-ever touch screen interface for label design that anyone on your team can use. The BBP®85 Sign and Label Printer is the ultimate printing system for bold, extra-large signs, labels and warnings that demand attention. BBP85 Sign and Label Printer
  Brady 360 5-Year Warranty
The BBP®85 printer can be used as a standalone unit, or connected to a PC for printing with MarkWare Facility Identification Software. It has a huge selection of material options, including vinyl, polyester, reflective, glow-in-the-dark and pre-printed sign headers. Get your message noticed with the BBP®85 Sign and Label Printer!

The BBP®85 Sign and Label Printer features the free Brady360® 5-year warranty that covers repair parts & labor, one print head replacement, a free loaner printer, a stress-free printer setup session, and much more. Additional fee-based support available.
Features of the Brady BBP®85 Sign and Label Printer
Label Size and Color Options:
  • Multicolor thermal transfer printing (300 dpi)
  • Prints on labels widths of 4" to 10" label widths
  • Single color, two-color and four-color print ribbons
  • Huge selection of industrial grade indoor and outdoor materials
Walk Up and Print User Interface:
  • Standalone or PC-connected operation with MarkWare Software
  • Touch-screen, color display with label print preview
  • Simple operation that requires little to no training
  • Automatic label setup (noeliminates calibration!)
  • Pre-programmed with built-in label design applications (pipe markers, GHS, arc flash, right-to-know, and more)
Advanced Design Capabilities:
  • Over 300 built-in symbols, hundreds of pictograms and 3 barcode symbologies
  • USB drive port for importing files, fonts and graphics
  • Ethernet port for easy printer networking
  • 11 international operating languages
Best-of-the-Best Materials:
  • Durable output: excellent water, UV, abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Aggressive adhesives that stick to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Print common sign formats even faster with pre-printed sign header supplies
  • Wide range of label colors, materials and sizes
  • Mix and match tapes and ribbons
  • Produce rigid signs by adhering a printed sign to a panel
Compatible Materials:
  • Indoor/Outdoor Grade Vinyl Tape
  • Low-Halide Polyester Tape
  • Pre-Printed Sign Header Supplies
  • Reflective Tape
  • Glow-in-the-Dark tape
  • Brushed Gold Tape
  • Tag Stock
  • Other Specialty Tapes
Compatible Software:
  • MarkWare Facility Identification Software
  • Windows based driver for 3rd party software use