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WAGO Circuit Breakers, WAGO Power Supplies and Relay Modules

On-Line Electronics offers an extensive lineup of WAGO Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs) and WAGO power supplies, available in many configurations. With our selection of WAGO ECBs, we provide you with a space-saving solution and an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

Benefits of Using WAGO Circuit Breakers

  • Dependable protection against overload and short circuits.
  • Designed for activation of extremely high-capacity loads of over 50,000 microfarads, all while keeping the nominal current.
  • WAGO ECBs are flexible enough to fit any individual application and come in one-, two-, four- and eight-channel configurations.
  • Thanks to the maximum width of only 1.772 inches (45 mm), WAGO ECBs save space while offering high-channel density.
  • Some ECB models can prevent overload with active current limitation.

On-Line Electronics program of WAGO Circuit Breakers is the most extensive on offer and with very competitive prices.

WAGO Interface Electronic

On-Line Electronics offers an extensive lineup of WAGO Interface Electronic products designed to meet diverse challenges, including effortless maintenance, low investment costs, excellent safety, and simple operation. You can choose from various designs and arrangements, including pluggable connectors and interface modules, high-efficiency switch-mode power supplies, and narrow relays and octocopters.

WAGO's Interface Electronic products include signal conditioners and isolation amplifiers, current transformers and voltage traps, interface modules, system wiring, overvoltage protection, and specialty electronics.

Relay and Optocoupler Modules

On-Line Electronics offers an extensive program of WAGO Relay and Optocoupler Modules designed to give a solution to any customer demand. These products come with many benefits, including a larger range of coupling and timer relays, easy connection without any preparation, switchable loads, and straightforward operation and servicing. We can also provide you with a wide range of accessories for WAGO Relay and Optocoupler Modules.

In our relay and optocoupler modules program, you can find relay sockets with a miniature switching relay (788 Series), relay sockets with a miniature switching relay and optocoupler modules (859 Series), pluggable relay modules (2042 Series), DIN-Rail-Mount carriers with a miniature switching relay (287 and 288 Series), relay modules in a DIN-Rail-Mount enclosure (789 Series), sockets with a miniature switching relay or a solid-state relay (857 Series), and sockets with an industrial relay (858 Series).

Signal Conditioners and Isolation Amplifiers

On-Line Electronics provides an extensive lineup of WAGO Signal Conditioners and Isolation Amplifiers, designed for various applications and characterized by a high number of functions. Our product range brings many benefits, including calibrated switching between measurement ranges, input and output response simulation, resistance to harsh environmental conditions, safe isolation per DIN EN 61010-1. WAGO Signal Conditioners and WAGO Isolation Amplifiers can be configured via proprietary software and app, using a touch-screen display, via DIP, or a push/slide switch.

Our program of products includes signal conditioners, isolation amplifiers, frequency signal conditioners, temperature signal conditioners, threshold value switches, potentiometer signal conditioners, current, voltage and power measurement modules, and 3-phase power measurement modules.

Current and Energy Measurement Technology

On-Line Electronics provides a comprehensive program of WAGO Current and Energy Measurement Technology, giving you the right product for any application. Our portfolio consists of Rogowski coils, signal conditioners, and Rogowski coils, JUMPFLEX® current signal conditioners, I/O systems, intelligent current sensors, voltage traps, and current transformers.

WAGO Power Supplies

On-Line Electronics offers an extensive lineup of WAGO Power Supplies and Power Supply Modules. These products are designed for efficient operation and a constant supply voltage, both for smaller and greater power requirements. Our portfolio of power supplies includes WAGO Power Supply Pro 2, WAGO Pro Power Supply, WAGO DC/DC Converters, WAGO Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and WAGO Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs).

Interface Modules and System Wiring

On-Line Electronics provides an extensive program of WAGO Interface Modules and WAGO System Wiring. Our products are designed for quick, systematic, and effortless wiring of individual components. Other benefits include a dependable connection, pre-assembled system cables, modules with up to 16 channels, and various marking options.

Overvoltage Protection

On-Line Electronics has an extensive portfolio of WAGO Overvoltage Protection Modules, designed to be versatile and ensure maximum protection of all electrical equipment against high voltages.

Empty Housings

On-Line Electronics offers the most extensive lineup of empty housings for use with WAGO Din Rail Mount Power Supplies and Circuit Breakers.

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