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Solar Connectors

Pluggable/Latching Connectors For Photovoltaic Systems

We are pleased to introduce solar connectors that are designed to offer time-saving, dependable series cabling of solar panels that are free-standing or integrated into buildings. The connector can be assembled in a variety of configurations, either quickly on site by the contractor or at the factory. Benefit: traditionally high installation costs for solar modules can be reduced significantly.

Lock Assembly Male Connector
Lock Assembly Male Connector + Cable
Lock Assembly Female Connector
Lock Assembly Female Connector + Cable

Product Advantages:

  • Low Conduction Loss
  • Temperature Resistance -40°C~+105°C(Test Temperature Max.)
  • Waterproof (IP 67) Anti-dust, Resistance to UV Rays
  • Easy Assembly (Lock Type)
  • Safety to Meet the Cutting-edge TUV & UL (PV Wire & USE-2) Standard
  • Product Performance over TUV & UL
  • Premium Product Specification & Quality